My name is Dezzie.

I do 70/30-ish computational design/design thinking work on IBM Watson Conversation.

Sometimes I speak at conferences, if I have something worthwhile to say. I prefer to teach, write, or help youth figure out if this industry is for them.

I spend too much time thinking about the existential Internet things:

  • Is it AI or not?!
  • Internet history
  • Diversity and inclusion in the industry: increasing it, defining it, brooding about it.
  • Ethics and morality of the web, particularly things that affect the poor and marginalized
  • Keeping the Internet free, open, and accessible to everyone
  • Reducing design vulgarity (in the Vignellian sense)
  • Why did Google Reader and Geocities have to abandon me? (or, "letting go of my 12" PowerBook")

Things I care about off the Internet:

  • Telling people how much I like the Internet
  • Making food, eating food, and burning off food
  • Taking things apart
  • Organizing things neatly
  • (Seriously) Trying to get better at reading, writing, mothering (!), teaching, 3-octave major/minor scales, and not working