My name is Dezzie.

I am a product designer working on IBM Watson Conversation. I have become comfortable designing with "emerging" AI such as machine learning, natural language processing, linguistic analysis, and a little bit of deep learning. But as a designer, I know more about the people who would benefit from this technology and how they would use it. It helps that I used to be in psychology, but I did also start making websites when I was 14.

While I do not have a formal design education, I align best with the Swiss style and like to use the word "vulgarity."

Sometimes I speak at conferences, but only when I think I have something worthwhile to add to the industry (and it's not NDA). Now I am trying to write more. I still enjoy teaching and helping people discern if working in tech is right for them.

At the end of the day, I just love the Internet. If there was no Internet I would not be a designer. I would have listened to my immigrant parents, become a doctor, and be really bored.