A platform for creating and vetting ideas together

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Mike Brown, David Kennedy, Diego Lapiduz, CM Lubinski

For many people working in federal government, their journey to Washington was in pursuit of a great idea.

But even at new government agency, amidst a backlog of new initiatives and responsibilities, the loudest duck is still the one that usually gets heard. Director Rich Cordray reached out to Design + Development to change this part of bureaucratic culture.

IdeaBox was our punk rock response.

It's a platform that allows Bureau employees to connect and collaborate on ideas together. And as an open source project, anyone can make it their own, saving an agency or two millions of dollars in unecessary contract spending.

Upon joining the project, I focused on increasing engagement and participation.

Submit an Idea form design

Plenty of adaptive, interactive feedback, so that it feels like a conversation.

Fostering community and collaboration

There are many ways to find an idea to support. IdeaBox lives on the CFPB’s Intranet, where it takes advantage of an existing sense of community driven by the staff directory.

The result is collaboration and de-siloing of offices and initiatives around the Bureau. Ideas that garner the most support get pitched to the Director’s Office, who then selects ideas to officially put Bureau resources and time into.


Wizard Wizard

A tool for making bureaucracy less painful for everyone.