Meet Design at the CFPB

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In 2013, the Design team at (and the CFPB as a whole) was still in its infancy. Huddled in a small windowless room with 2, then 3, then 4 other designers (sharing one power cord and two power outlets), I learned a lot about my co-workers. When the first class of CFPB fellows arrived, I wanted to communicate our sense of camaraderie (and brag a little, too).

This illustration not only served as an icebreaker, but it also introduced our new colleagues to inside jokes that would make sense soon enough. I include this in my portfolio because it represents a time at the Bureau when cross-disciplinary work was essential to staying on top of your own work, saving your colleague's butt, and keeping the entire team afloat.


Paying for College

The first release of Paying for College included tools that help students compare financial aid offers, learn about student loans, and decide on a loan repayment plan.