Pattern Library

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Project year
Project role
User experience and visual design
Project team
Armin Kiany

In 2012, the Design team at the CFPB numbered at less than 10 people, yet faced the workload of a team 4 times its size. Pattern Library was designed to allow staff to put together pages and change content on their own.

So technically, it's not just a pattern library. It's a full-fledged content publishing tool. At one point it really was just a pattern library, but the name just stuck.

Pattern library was used to publish most of the financial advice content on the first release of Paying for College.

Defining and adding patterns to the library

Snip up some HTML/CSS and we take care of the rest.

Creating projects

Publishing content

Type into any pattern, WYSIWYG. Empower content strategists and product owners to work with their content without having to rely on designers and developers.


Paying for College

The first release of Paying for College included tools that help students compare financial aid offers, learn about student loans, and decide on a loan repayment plan.