Paying for College

Project year
Project role
Front-end development
Project team
Armin Kiany, and Chuck Werner
Best in Web & Digital Government
Core77 Design Award (runner-up)

The Bureau’s Consumer Guides are authoritative, unbiased partners in life’s big financial events.

The first release of Paying for College included tools that help students compare financial aid offers,

learn about student loans, and decide on a loan repayment plan. My first assignment upon joining the Bureau, Paying for College was created during a time when the design and dev team numbered at less than 10 people, and we each wore many hats.

Visual language

The CFPB’s illustration style in 2012 called for a flat, neutral style that reflected Bureau values of unbiased advice.

Publishing content

The financial guides on Paying for College were designed to provide as much or as little information need for students and their families to make decisions.

But making copy and layout tweaks were unsustainable on a small design team. I ended up cutting up these pages into patterns for a content-publishing tool, which would allow our editorial team to re-arrange and change content as they saw fit.

Resources for schools

Paying for College's engagement strategy began in the classroom. These handouts were designed for teachers and guidance counselors to share with students.

These handouts were originally designed for print. Based on user feedback, Paying for College's print stylesheet will now produce a nearly-identical document.


Pattern Library

No moar copy editz!!!1